Embezzlement and employee theft

If you have been implicated in a case of stealing from the workplace or corporate embezzlement, it’s essential to speak to a specialist solicitor with experience in theft in the workplace law as soon as you can. The business crime solicitors at Purcell Parker can support you through every part of the process of an investigation into alleged employee theft or embezzlement.

Expert legal defence in and beyond Birmingham

Purcell Parker’s Birmingham city centre location means we are conveniently situated for many of our professional clients in the city and its surrounds. However, when it comes to allegations of theft or embezzlement, we are willing to meet you at a time or a place of your choosing whether that is to discuss a rumour at work about you or a formal charge of theft or embezzlement.

Certainly, if you are worried about a potential investigation against you it is vital to seek legal advice before there is any question of the police being involved. This is because the discreet, specialist support of a business crime solicitor is not an admission of guilt and will give you the best chance of emerging from an unpleasant episode with your reputation intact.

Financing your theft in the workplace case

As legal aid is not usually an option in cases of employee theft of embezzlement, we will, where appropriate, provide you with a competitive fixed-fee quote for your case.

What is theft in the workplace?

Stealing from a business may not result in direct human trauma or injury, however, far from being a victimless crime, theft in the workplace is estimated to cost the UK economy over £190 billion a year, which is why it is taken extremely seriously by the authorities. There are two types of workplace theft:

  • Tangible theft – where a physical item is stolen, such as money from a bank account or a coat from a shop floor.
  • Intangible theft – where intellectual property is stolen, for example when an employee commits theft of information such as copyrighted material or software.

Accusations of employees or business owners stealing from their place of work can range from stealing a few pounds from a till, to far more serious transgressions such as embezzling large amounts of cash from a company’s funds. However, no matter what the circumstances, being accused of theft at work can have a devastating effect on your reputation, your future job prospects and in the most serious cases, can result in a prison sentence,


What is embezzlement?

Embezzlement is defined as a type of theft that occurs when a person who has legal access to (but not ownership of) another person’s property or money abuses their position to steal all or part of the assets in question. This means that embezzlement often occurs in the following scenarios:

  • Corporate settings where an employee, director or business owner has access to an organisation’s funds or assets.
  • Personal settings where an individual has been entrusted with the savings and assets of another person, for example when they have been legally appointed as a power of attorney for a family member who has become mentally incapacitated.

Due to the fact that those accused in cases like this nearly always have a trusted position in a business or an established relationship with an alleged victim, there is clearly the potential for misunderstandings to arise. Also, these types of cases often arise in situations where a normally law-abiding person behaves in an out-of-character manner due to extreme financial pressures.

Embezzlement is a crime no matter what the circumstances. However, Purcell Parker’s fraud solicitors will use their expert and empathetic approach to secure the best outcome in your unique case, whether that involves proving your innocence or avoiding a prison sentence in exceptional circumstances.

The law surrounding embezzlement (which can also be a cyber-enabled crime) is complicated, so if you are facing allegations of this kind of theft, it’s important to speak to one of the specialist fraud lawyers at Purcell Parker as a matter of urgency.

Specialist defence for allegations of employee stealing

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