Legal representation at the Magistrates’ Court

As one of the leading law firms in Birmingham city centre, located directly opposite the steps of the Magistrates’ Court on Corporation Street, Purcell Parker have a wealth of experience in achieving the best possible outcomes for clients when it comes to conducting trials, achieving the lowest sentence possible and securing bail.

Your criminal lawyer at the Magistrates’ Court

Whether you’re being prosecuted for theft charges, motoring offences, money laundering offences, cyber-crime offences, benefit fraud offences,drug offences, breaches of a court order or any other criminal charges that involve an appearance at the Magistrate’s Court, our team of solicitors based in Birmingham city centre can use their expertise to help you. As we are located just across the road from the Magistrates’ Court, we are perfectly placed to provide expert representation for your case, even when this is needed at short notice.

Legal aid at the Magistrates’ Court

If your personal circumstances allow and your case is eligible, we can provide legal aid funding for your Magistrates’ Court case. If your income means you are required to pay for your own defence or you have been accused of an offence that is not eligible for legal aid (such as most motoring offences), we can often provide a competitive, fixed-fee quote for your legal defence.

Legal representation further afield

Thanks to our reputation as one of the top criminal law firms in Birmingham city centre, we can also provide you with a defence solicitor if your case is being heard further afield. When it comes to providing criminal law services, we regularly work throughout the West Midlands and beyond including Wolverhampton, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Coventry.

What happens at the Magistrates’ Court?

All criminal cases begin at the Magistrates’ Court which is presided over by two or three magistrates or a district judge. Crimes known as ‘summary offences’ are heard and sentenced at Magistrates’ Courts. Serious criminal charges like murder, rape and robbery are known as ‘indictable offences’ and are always passed on to the Crown Court to be tried by a jury. Some criminal charges come under the category of ‘either way’ meaning they can be tried either by magistrates or in a Crown Court depending on their severity. These include fraud, burglary, drugs offences and dangerous driving. Magistrates also decide whether you should be kept in custody or granted bail.

Exterior of Birmingham Magistrates Court

What sentence can a Magistrate give me?

Magistrates have the power to impose community sentences, fines of up to £5,000 and up to 6 months in prison (or 12 months if you have committed more than one offence). As one of the leading law firms providing legal aid in Birmingham City Centre, we can provide a specialist criminal lawyer who will use their extensive professional expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Supportive criminal solicitors for young people

At Purcell Parker we pride ourselves on our professional and friendly support to all of our clients. However, we are particularly proud of the excellent reputation we enjoy when it comes to meeting the needs of young people who find themselves summoned to the Youth Court. We treat all our young clients with empathy and are careful to explain the law in a clear and jargon-free way.

Contact us for free, friendly advice

If you need representation at the Magistrates’ Court, call Purcell Parker today on 0121 236 9781 or email us at for free and confidential advice about your case.

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All criminal cases begin at the Magistrates’ Court and many are tried there too. Purcell Parker’s highly experienced solicitors and barristers can represent you in Birmingham city centre and at Magistrates’ Courts across the West Midlands.