Pension Fraud

Pension Fraud 

If you or your business has been accused of the serious offence of pension fraud, the experienced pension fraud lawyers at Purcell Parker can help. Allegations of this kind can cause significant damage to the reputations of both individuals and organisations, so as soon as you become aware of accusations against you, it’s vital to seek legal advice as a matter of urgency.

Pension fraud defence solicitors in central Birmingham

Purcell Parker’s central Birmingham location is convenient for many of our city-based clients. However, in order to discuss what will inevitably be confidential and complex matters, we are happy to meet you at a time and in a place of your choosing to discuss your case. Our business crime solicitors are also happy to represent clients beyond the West Midlands area.

Experience has taught us that one of your most urgent concerns is likely to be privacy as we work with you to protect your good name, so discretion is a key feature of our handling of your case. Also, it’s important to remember that seeking legal advice is not admission of guilt, so even if you are merely at the stage of needing legal advice about a potential investigation at work, it’s essential to speak to a white collar solicitor who can potentially help you prevent the situation escalating.

Paying for your pension fraud defence

In cases where legal aid is not an option, we will provide you with a competitive fixed-fee quote in circumstances where this is possible.

At all times, our pension fraud solicitors will work with you using a plain English, non-judgemental approach in order to secure the best possible outcome for your case. If necessary, we will engage the services of IT experts, forensic accountants and other relevant experts in order to establish the evidence needed.

What is pension fraud?

Those accused of pension fraud are usually employers accused of abusing their company pension fund or individuals accused of creating scams designed to mis-sell pensions or steal from pension funds.

Accusations of pension fraud by employers includes:

  • Setting up accounts for fake employees in order to obtain fraudulent pension payments.
  • Deliberately misrepresenting the amount of money an employee will receive in their pension each month.
  • Diverting pension funds meant for an employee into a different account.

Suspicious activity of this kind is often picked up by dedicated departments in pension companies who will refer the matter to the police for investigation if they decide there are grounds for a criminal investigation. Of course, even if a crime is suspected, it is always possible that any anomaly is a result of human error.

Pension scams include:

  • The deliberate miss-selling of personal pensions
  • Encouraging people to sign up for the early release of money from their pension fund
  • Stealing from pension funds
  • Abusing a power of attorney in order to steal from pension funds
  • Fraudulently claiming benefits from a pension fund.

What are the consequences of pension fraud?

Depending on the seriousness of the offence, the punishments for pension fraud can range from varying levels of fines to significant prison sentences. In civil cases, you may be required to compensate any victims for pension funds they are entitled to and have missed out on. Prison sentences are more likely in larger-scale corporate fraud where other white collar offences such as tax evasion may also be a factor.

Whatever the circumstances of your case, the pension fraud solicitors at Purcell Parker will work with you to protect your reputation whether that means proving that the allegations against you or your business are unfounded or avoiding the worst case scenario in terms of the possible consequences.

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