We have set these measures out below

In less serious matters where the Police have sufficient evidence to prove all elements of the offence, the person in custody will not be interviewed, thereby reducing the amount of people they are in contact with.  They will however be entitled to telephone advice from their own solicitor or a duty solicitor throughout their time at the station. 

 Where an interview is required the police will firstly consider whether this is possible by way of telephone or video conferencing. This will enable the person in custody to receive full advice prior to interview and indeed be represented throughout it. 

 If for any reason this is not possible the Police will be in contact with the legal representative and provide them with the questions they want to ask in the interview. Following consultation with the client a written statement would then be drawn up by the legal representative in response, should the person in custody wish to provide one. 

 If the matter is so serious that only an interview with all parties being present would be appropriate, the legal representative will attend and the appropriate PPE equipment will be used.

 Purcell Parker is committed to ensuring that our clients continue to receive full advice when in custody. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require our assistance concerning your attendance at a Police Station.